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You asked and we delivered! Introducing our Longline Holders!

Say 'NO MORE!' to tangled longline chaos!

Made from Waterproof Webbing to match your Longlines, our Longline Holders are just the tool you need to keep those Longlines in order! Perfect for storing or carrying your Longline! Wrap, fold or roll up your Longline, place on top of the holder and feed the clip/handle through the loop to allow for easy hanging/storing or carrying when out on your adventures (make sure the keeper goes through the loop too). Slide the keeper down for a tight fit to ensure no movement 🐾

Choose from either our Clip design (Scissor Clip or Detachable Carabiner Clip) or our Handle design (O ring within handle). These Holders measure approximately:

Clip Design: 14.5 inches
Handle Design: 16.5 inches

Both designs comfortably fit up to a 10m Longline. If your Holder will be for a longer length of Longline, please let us know in the personalisation box and we will increase the length.

Please note: Our Detachable Carabiners for this product are a lightweight option for the storage and carrying of our Longlines. They are NOT to be used as an attachment point for your dog. Breaking strength: 50kg.

** Longline NOT included! Find our Longlines HERE

Waterproof Longline Holder

PriceFrom £7.00
Hardware Colour