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Product Maker, Photographer, Everything-er!


Loves going on adventures and getting creative!


Model, Toy Tester

Huuuuge fan of tasty treats and being the queen of comfort!

Hi everyone and welcome to Walkie Mountains! 🐾

I'm Sarah and I make a range of enrichment toys, tug toys, collars, and leads for your pups, designed to boost your relationship with them! 

My  journey into starting this wee business began with adopting my own pup Kira (Kiki) when she was around 4 months old. Being a mix of border collie & labrador, she was WILD (she still can be 😆). Finding products that helped engage her brain was one of the biggest helps and I decided to start creating my own snuffles and tugs for her! Play is one of the best ways to bond with your pup and I wanted to make that even more fun with bright, colourful toys that will keep every pup coming back for more!


Over 3 years in now and my product range now includes collars, leads, longlines and safety gear too (along with an ever expanding range of new tuggy and snuffle toys!) Kiki is a reactive gal and easily spooked so making products that worked to help her while also keeping her safe were and are very important to me. Of all my products, the Longlines are the absolute favourite as it gives Kiki so much freedom and allows her to just be a happy doggo! It also gives me the reassurance that all is under control if something was to suddenly spook her. PLUS they are waterproof - need I say more?!

Seeing happy pups loving our products or hearing how they are helping owners feel more secure when out and about with their pup is truly heartwarming for me and I'm so pleased my products help so many! Happy pups absolutely keep me going! 🐶🌈❤️

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