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Toy Maker

Dog Walker and Toy Maker in the daytime and games player in the night-time!


Toy Maker, Photographer


Loves going on adventures and getting creative!


Model, Toy Tester

Great fan of tasty treats and playing with all my furiends!

Hi guys! We are the team behind Walkie Mountains Toys.


Our wee business was, and still is, inspired by our crazy collie cross Kira! We rescued Kira from Dogs Trust when she was 4 months old and she's changed our lives immensely. As you can expect, she's got masses of energy so we wanted to make toys that she really engaged with, were enriching, and, most importantly, were fun for her! Play is one of the best ways to bond with your pup and we wanted to make that even more fun with bright, colourful toys that will keep every dog coming back for more!


We know that every pup likes something different which is why we're sure that you will find the perfect toy amongst our various designs. Although don't worry if not, we'll be glad to custom make a toy to suit your needs - just get in touch! 

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