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BioThane Traffic Handles are a great addition to your dog walking kit! Perfect for training and close contact work with your dog.


Did you know that BioThane is waterproof, mud-proof, rot-proof and smell-proof?! Perfect for use wherever you go with your pup - simply wipe clean after each adventure!


Our Traffic Handles are available in two sizes - 25cm and 30cm* (and a width of 19mm) which is the total length of the handle including the clip. They also come in your choice of BioThane and hardware colour. If you would like a different size for your Traffic Handle, please contact us and we will do our best to accomodate your request!


We recommend that these Traffic Handles are used with a harness to prevent the dogs movement from being restricted.


*Please note these lengths are approximate and there may be slight variations

Our current options for hardware colours include silver, black, rose gold, antique brass, and brass. Carabiner clips are only available in Black or Silver.


Standard Scissor Clip (Black, Silver, Rose Gold, Antique Brass) - ~120kg

Standard Brass Scissor Clip - ~130kg

Carabiner Clip - ~400kg (recommended for larger breeds or dogs that pull on the lead)


The breaking strength of the BioThane (19mm) is approximately 340kg.

BioThane Traffic Handle

PriceFrom £10.00
Hardware Colour